Stanley R Mickelsen Safeguard Complex

It was during a typical perusing of the grand ol' internetz that I happened to stumble upon this image. To be precise it was upon scrolling through the band Twin Sister's blog that I found it. It was such a striking image that I needed to find out more about it immeditely.

Thanks to google images' "search by image" feature I was able to find out exacltly where this photo was taken... the good old U S of A, North Dakota to be exact. The Safeguard Program was a United States Army anti-ballistic missile system developed during the late 1960s... yadda yadda basically during the cold war we needed some place to house gigantic missiles capable of shooting down potential enemy aircraft/missiles. Anyway, regardless of the use of this facility, the images are incredible. They remind me of a dystopian science fiction novel cover.